Max Evangelisti - Roberto Uccellini - Giulio Rossi - Bob Casini

Synthesis was born after an idea by a Roberto Uccellini in his early teen years. In 1985, after releasing “The Price Of Glory”, the band participates to the historical heavy metal compilation “Metallo Italia”, with their “The Light”. The album, produced by Al Festa, was issued under Reflex Records.

In the following years, the band enjoys a relative success, also thanks to the video of “The Light”, repeatedly broadcast by the Italian RAI. “The Price Of Glory” is well reviewed on magazines and fanzines of that time and, thanks to growing fame, the band starts playing all over Italy, to the pleasure of fans and band members.
Past recording two further demos, it’s time for another compilation: “ASYLUM” is issued on “Not Just Spaghetti And Mandolini” (Amtal Metal), and the band is regularly reviewed as among the best in the lot.
In 1989 Synthesis win “Chianciano Rock” where, among some thirty bands, their “Rockin’ All Night” arrives 1st and is issued on the compilation album of the contest. An intense live activity starts, including three memorable gigs at the “Topsy” in Leghorn, the “Sorpasso” in Milan and, back home, at the “Post Modernissimo” in Terni.


aIn 1991, after some health issues that affect founding member Roberto, the band comes back as determined as ever. “Live at Pan Pot” is issued the following year, also well reviewed, and soon after another demo pops out: “Synthetic Sin” draws more and more proposals for live gigs, that would climax in a red-hot exhibition at the temple of rock in Rome, the mythical “Palladium”. “Synthetic Sin” is praised as “Top Demo” on the Italian metal press. The band then hits and wins again “Chianciano Rock”, this time with the track “Liar”, which is also issued on the compilation “Who Plays Rock II” in March, 1993. In that very year, Synthesis is also invited to join the national contest “La Stalattite d’Oro” (The Golden Stalactite), where they bring “Liar” as well, and win again.

The decade goes on with a Live recording in ’95, that confirms the band as a thunderous concert machine.
After years of waiting, with a line-up that remains stable for 3/5, it’s finally time for a real contract and, in September 2005 “Synthetic History” is being issued, the first full-length cd, under Andromeda Relix.
In October, Synthesis introduce the cd to wild audiences at the “80s Italian Metal Legions” along with combos such as Dark Ages, Adramelch and Skanners.

Dopo anni di attesa, con una line-up per 3/5 stabile nel corso degli anni, nel 2005 arriva finalmente il contratto con l’Andromeda Relix, e nel settembre del 2005 esce l’esordio su In 2006, “Firebound”, from the then-forthcoming “Live” album, is included in “Heavy Metal Rendez Vous II”, while “Synthesis Live” comes out in 2007 (LM Records). Guess what the press says? It says ”Shine On!”
The third chapter of the “Heavy Metal Rendez Vous” saga still includes Synthesis, this time with “Perfect Love”, an anticipation from the new studio cd. “A Wider Space” hits the shelves (and, yes, the Net…) in May 2008, still under LM Records. New Disk 2013 in progress